Of the Children, By the Children, For the Children
TellusArt is a non profitable organization based in Sweden. It’s an art organization committed to bring substantial change through art. TellusArt started organizing art workshops with school kids of Scandinavia and later on expanded it to some other countries of the world.

TellusArt Academy is located in a small village, called Kaliyanwala in northern India. The purpose of the academy is to impart quality education upon unprivileged students living in the near vicinity.  The vision of the academy is to provide those facilities which are not available to the poors or which they cannot afford of. TellusArt is...


Yusuf Hussain. India

Arguably one of the most enchantingly fascinating and mesmeric sights in the world is watching a large mass of water – be it a river or the ocean. It ever-changing quality is like a huge kaleidoscope of nature that changes every second and in turn changes everyone and everything that comes within its ambit – both metaphorically and actually.   Its generosity in allowing sustenance to flow out and in allowing even the unwanted to flow with it albeit temporarily is legendary. The really unwanted might flow with it for a while but either get le

  • Ronnie Holmberg
    To go along on this trip to India was an experience I will never forget. The rea
  • Constantino
    Art is the soul of the world, it has no boundaries, nor differences because art
  • Ananta Mandal
    This is my first abroad venture to participate such an event like this. This is
  • Peter Varhelyi
    First morning in the village of Kaliyanwala we met some children walking to scho